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Five Candles

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Five Candles

A Warhammer Horror story

Havisa's fire is fading… but a mysterious stranger stokes the flames and sends her on one last quest. But all is not as it seems, and her candle may soon be snuffed out forever.

In the Mortal Realms, nothing is as simple as it seems – especially the metaphysical existence of Death. Discover how this darkness can manifest across the realms in this devilishly delightful tale.

Age dims all fires – even in the burning realm of Aqshy. Havisa is the last of her people, the final fading ember of a once-raging inferno. In the wake of the necroquake, as death rises across the realm, Havisa meets a stranger who draws her into his quest to warn the people of Aqshy about a horror that stalks them. Yet can she truly trust this mysterious figure and his tales of distant Shyish? Or is the herald of a darkness that will extinguish her flame forever?

Written by Lora Gray

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