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A Moment of Cruelty

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A Moment of Cruelty

A Warhammer Horror story

A noble in Shyish, whose ambition exceeds his ability, finds his fortunes changed by a mysterious mirror.

In the Realm of Death, nobility means something very different to elsewhere. Get an insight into the excess and madness of the lords of Mhurghast in this chilling tale.

Mhurghast, a great city in the Realm of Death, is a study in contrasts. On the mist-shrouded streets, twisted beggars and broken war veterans scrape out a tortured existence in the chill, while nobles from distant Azyr live in decadence and excess. Alabastian is one such noble, whose ambition and desire to enhance his status is not matched by his skill – until a chance encounter with a mysterious mirror alters his fate forever.

Written by Phil Kelly

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