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The Vorbis Conspiracy

Warhammer Crime

The Vorbis Conspiracy

A Warhammer Crime Anthology

Return to the mean streets of Varangantua for another taste of just how grim life can be for the average Imperial citizen in the 41st Millennium.

Seven seemingly disconnected stories from some of your favourite authors weave together into a nightmarish glimpse of desperation, poverty, and the powerful elites who keep it that way.

Varangantua is in turmoil.

After the district of Korsk is obliterated in a fiery cataclysm, the city’s enforcers must pick up the pieces. As sanctioner teams comb the wreckage for survivors, dogged probators such as Agusto Zidarov and Lycia Calix seek to uncover the truth about what happened. Their stories become intertwined with those of petty criminals and desperate citizens, even drawing the vaunted attention of agents beyond Alecto itself, painting a picture of sprawling conspiracy.

But while the calamity means death and destitution for many, others take advantage of the chaos to gain wealth or position within the city’s byzantine hierarchies. With Varangantua’s place in the wider Imperium at stake, will the truth about the disaster come to light, or will it be buried in the rubble along with thousands of bodies?

This Warhammer Crime anthology contains seven brand-new stories featuring both new and established characters from the city-sprawl of Varangantua.

The Bones of the Martyrs by Jude Reid
Carrion Call by Noah Van Nguyen
Against Entropy by Guy Haley
Servant of the Righteous by Graham McNeill
Skin Deep by Darius Hinks
Angels in the Gutter by Alec Worley
Outside Powers by Chris Wraight

Narrated by Helen Keeley, Phillip Sacramento, Richard Reed, Tom Alexander, Greg Jones, Harry Myers, and Charles Armstrong. Running time is 10 hours and 55 minutes (approx).

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