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The Threshold

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The Threshold

A Neferata story

A city which has escaped the reach of the Blood Queen may have met its match as its leader falls under her sway.

Experience a different side of Neferata as she uses all her subtlety and wiles to achieve her infernal goals.

Few cities in Shyish can claim to be free. Almost all in the Realm of Death fall under the sway of the Great Necromancer, or one of his dread Mortarchs. Lugol is an exception. After a great struggle and much sacrifice, Lord Ormand managed to wrestle control of his city away from the grip of Neferata. So when the Blood Queen herself arrives to speak to him, it is an ill omen. Yet he cannot resist finding out her purpose – and in so doing, he seals his doom and that of his city.

Written by David Annandale

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