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The Vorago Fastness

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The Vorago Fastness

A Deathwatch story

A kill team of mutants, maniacs and Cursed Founding Space Marines discover that their target – the mysterious Vorago Fastness – has fallen prey to the alien menace of the necrons…

It's a creepy tale that showcases the dark side of the Space Marines and the Inquisition.

The Deathwatch’s solemn duty is the extermination of the alien. Their kill-teams are drawn from the best the Chapter Astartes have to offer, but also the worst… When a band of mutants, maniacs and Cursed Founding Space Marines are brought together by Dagovar of the Inquisition they know their mission must be dire. They are bound for Discidia and a fortress called the Vorago Fastness to recover an alien relic. But the mission is far from straightforward, for the world has fallen prey to an ancient menace, the necrons. Worse, there is more to the motives of the Inquisitor Dagovar than at first appears.

Written by David Annandale.

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