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Turn of the Adder

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Turn of the Adder

A Drukhari story

In the midst of a vicious battle for revenge against a Wych Cult that has turned to the Ynnari, an Archon's son seeks advancement – by any means necessary. 

Discover how family and politics are intertwined in Commorragh, and witness the effects that the growing Ynnari cult have on the denizens of the Dark City.

The rise of the Ynnari has changed the power dynamics of the dark city of Commorragh. Many kabals and wych cults have turned from their traditional alliances to join Yvraine in her new vision of the aeldari's future. Among them are the Cult of the Jade Labyrinth, who have forsaken their oaths to the Kabal of the Bladed Lotus – an insult that Archon K'Shaic cannot countenance. As his forces assault the treacherous wyches, his youngest son seizes the opportunity to prove himself – but a close encounter with the Ynnari may change his perspective forever.

Written by J C Stearns. This story is also available in the anthology Inferno! Volume 2.

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