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Path of the Incubus: Book 2


Path of the Incubus: Book 2

Path of the Dark Eldar book 2

As the eternal city of Commorragh is cast into turmoil by a cataclysmic disturbance in the very fabric of its existence, a conspiracy long in the planning is enacted, and a rogue incubus may be the key to victory.

It's the middle act of an intricately plotted trilogy packed full of dark humour, brutal action and lots of juicy details about Commorragh and the dark eldar.


The eternal city of Commorragh has been cast into turmoil by the Dysjunction, a cataclysmic disturbance in the very fabric of its existence. As the streets are inundated with horrors from beyond the veil, Supreme Overlord Asdrubael Vect battles to keep his enemies in check and maintain his stranglehold over the riven city. Kabal turns upon kabal, archon against archon as the fires of hell are unleashed. Redemption for Commorragh rests in the hands of a disgraced incubus warrior wrongly accused of triggering the Dysjunction itself. His efforts to reclaim his lost honour could save the city or damn it forever – assuming it can survive the daemonic invasion and the archons’ deadly battles for supremacy.

Written by Andy Chambers