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The Spirit of Cogs

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The Spirit of Cogs

A Horusian Wars story

When Tech-Priest Glavius-4-Rho is assigned to awaken an ancient piece of technology, he discovers dark secrets that may change his understanding of the universe.

Discover curious characters, a colossal secret and mysteries beyond the bounds of logic in a tale by John French.

Tech-Priest Glavius-4-Rho is in the service of Inquisitor Covenant – but he wasn't always so. Long ago, he was a member of the Martian priesthood assigned to a secret project – awakening a machine beneath the forge world of Zhao-Arkkad. With a pair of odd companions, he discovers the secret of the device… and that it is so immeasurably ancient that it may be haunted by ghosts beyond the logical understanding of any tech-priest.

Written by John French

This story is also available in the anthologies Horusian Wars: Divination and Inferno! Volume 3.

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