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The Fissure

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The Fissure

An Iron Snakes short story

An ancient horror of the warp bleeding into the real world attracts the attention of the Iron Snakes, determined to seal the fissure and save a city.

It's a creepy and dark short story featuring the Iron Snakes, a unique Space Marine Chapter, telling a mythic tale that only they could be involved in. And watch out for the links to Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts story 'A Ghost Return'!

In the depths of an Imperial hive city an evil is unwittingly unearthed, a fissure that bleeds the un-light of the warp and provokes only madness and death. When ignorant hive workers seal up the rift behind a wall of rockcrete, it appears the darkness has been stymied... But Chaos is not so easily undone and as the fissure's insidious influence spreads it falls to the Iron Snakes of Ithaca to end a threat most foul.

Written by Nik Vincent

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