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Sabbat Worlds


Sabbat Worlds

A Sabbat Worlds anthology

Across the Sabbat Worlds a bitter conflict is fought that can only end in victory or annihilation. Yet even amidst this the Astra Militarum and their allies stand stoic against their foes.

Until now, we've mainly seen the Sabbat Worlds Crusade through the eyes of Gaunt's Ghosts... Well now the scope widens and we can see the efforts being made by all the armed forces of the Imperium to return the cluster of worlds to the Emperor's light.


Across the Sabbat Worlds, a bitter conflict is fought, a conflict that can only end in victory or annihilation. The innumerable forces of the Arch enemy attack without mercy, and planet after planet burns with the flames of war. Yet even amidst this nightmare, the Astra Militarum stand stoic against their foes. The Phantine Air Corps battle the enemies of mankind across burning skies, while the Gereon resistance tries to break the foothold of Chaos on their beleaguered world and the legendary Gaunt's Ghosts fight in the most violent and bloody of warzones. 

This anthology includes the following stories:
Apostle's Creed by Graham McNeill
The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings by Matthew Farrer
Regicide by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
The Iron Star by Dan Abnett
Cell by Nik Vincent
Blueblood by Nick Kyme
A Good Man by Sandy Mitchell
Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities by Dan Abnett