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Pride and Fall

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Pride and Fall

Summer of Reading: Day Six

Of all the many souls trapped within Lucius the Eternal's armour, one stands apart – but what is his story? Now is the time to find out…

It's another tale of Lucius the Eternal by Ian St Martin, author of the recent novel 'The Eternal Blade' – what other reason do you need?

The armour of Lucius the Eternal is a mosaic of howling caged souls – warrior-kings, champions of the Legions and master assassins, whose triumphs over Lucius were rendered into their doom by the will of Slaanesh. Of all the faces screaming from within the ensorcelled plate, one stands apart. He commanded no army, and was master of neither bolter nor blade. Who was he, and what twist of fate led him to be bound within the endless prison of the Eternal?

Written by Ian St Martin

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