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Shield of Baal


Shield of Baal

A Warhammer 40,000 collection

The tyranids have evolved once more, and across the galaxy, their enemies tremble before their psychic might. The greatest battles are in the Cryptus system, where the fate of the Blood Angels will be decided…

It's every story from the Shield of Baal campaign in one huge collection. As well as key tales from the war, involving the Blood Angels, Astra Militarum, necrons and, of course, the tyranids, there are other stories from across the galaxy showing the wider impact of the Leviathan's rise.

For millennia, the Shieldworlds of the Cryptus system have stood sentinel beneath the deadly stars of the Red Scar, defending the gateway to the Blood Angels home world. Now, an enemy has come who threaten to tear the Cryptus system apart and carry on to Baal itself – the monstrous tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan. The brave soldiers of the Astra Miltarum stand against them, shoulder to shoulder with the zealous warriors of the Adepta Sororitas, and on Baal the Blood Angels marshal their forces, commanded by one of their mightiest, Captain Karlaen – the Shield of Baal.

Tempestus by Braden Campbell
The Word of the Silent King by L J Goulding
Wraithflight by Guy Haley
Dread Night by Nick Kyme
Devourer by Joe Parrino
Deathstorm and Shadow of the Leviathan by Josh Reynolds
A Son's Burden by Andy Smillie

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