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Grey Knights: Sons of Titan


Grey Knights: Sons of Titan

From the war-torn Sanctus Reach to the Realm of Chaos itself, Grey Knights Squad Styre battles their daemonic foe across four tales of incredible adventure and heroic sacrifice.

Includes the stories 'Maledictus', 'True Name', 'Incorruptible' and 'The Mourning Tower'.

Grey Knights appear when they're needed, seeming to those who see them like immortal heroes... but they're mortal, and constant battle will wear them down. That's what we see here as Squad Styre are thrown into battle after battle with no rest, from the Sanctus Reach to the Realm of Chaos itself as they are pursued by one of the greatest of Nurgle's daemons, Ku'gath Plaguefather, warp-bent on revenge...

The Grey Knights are a myth, a secret Chapter of Space Marines that responds to the greatest of threats, daemonic incursions into the Emperor's realm. They are spoken of in legends, silver-armoured heroes whose weapons blaze with holy fire and whose merest touch can destroy the servants of the Ruinous Powers. And the legends are true. In this collection of stories, a squad of Grey Knights commanded by Justicar Styre battle the infernal followers of the Plague God across the Imperium.

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