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A Horus Heresy Quick Read

The Word Bearers and World Eaters clash over the Ultramarines world of Kronus.

In the Shadow Crusade, two Traitor Legions united to set Ultramar aflame, but inevitably, they were gonna end up fighting each other, weren't they? Well, here we go...

On the world of Kronus, deep within the grand realm of Ultramar, Torquill Eliphas of the Word Bearers brings his grand designs to fruition. As part of Lorgar’s Shadow Crusade, the Ark of Testimony Chapter has fought alongside their berserker allies from the World Eaters for many months. But the slaughter of Ultramarines is not their only goal – Eliphas seeks to harness the power of the warp, in the construction of the mighty Templum Daemonarchia...

Written by Gav Thorpe

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