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Immortal Duty

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Immortal Duty

A Horus Heresy story

An Iron Hands legionary faces censure for his actions in the battle of Isstvan V – but what really happened, and how will it affect his fate?

It's an untold tale of the void war around Isstvan V, and the desperate efforts of the Iron Hands to break Horus' blockade of the planet. But it's also an elegiac look at what happened after, and at the birth of the Shattered Legions.

Ahrem Gallikus, Medusan Immortal and disgraced warrior of the Iron Hands, faces death – at the hands of his own brothers. But first they would know his story – the story of his greatest battle, against his erstwhile allies on board the warship Retiarius in orbit of the world where their Legion was shattered – Isstvan V. Forming part of a boarding action, Gallikus took the battle to the traitors – but what happened, and why has it led him to where he is now?

Written by Nick Kyme

This story also appears in the anthology Shattered Legions.

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