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A Rose Watered with Blood

Siege of Terra Prequels

A Rose Watered with Blood

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Twenty-Four

On board the Conqueror, once-proud flagship of the World Eaters, strange events abound. The ship is changing – and shipmaster Lotara Sarrin fears what that means for her and her crew…

It's an exploration of how the corruptions of Chaos affect everything they touch – and a look at how the warped nature of the Conqueror affects its crew.

The Conquerer, flagship of the World Eaters Space Marine Legion, has changed. As it makes the long journey to Terra, the vagaries of the warp – and the infernal nature of the beast chained in the bowels of the warship – are altering the very fabric of the vessel. For Lotara Sarrin, long-serving shipmaster of the once-proud craft, and her human crew, the ship has become dangerous. Some think it's trying to kill them. Sarrin has another theory… and it's one she likes even less.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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