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The Last Council

Siege of Terra Prequels

The Last Council

Advent Calendar 2018: Day Twelve

As the Traitor fleet nears Terra, the Council that rules the Imperium must be disbanded so the defence of the Throneworld can come first – but some will not reliquish power easily…

It's a look at how the power of the Imperium was divided in the days before the Siege of Terra, and hints at how the fate of the post-Heresy Imperium would be decided.

As the Great Crusade came to a close, the power that had been vested in the Emperor and his War Council, made up of primarchs and generals, was transferred to civilian authorities – the great Council of Terra. Now, as the Warmaster and his armies approach the Throneworld, it is time for that council to be dissolved and the warriors to once again take command as the eve of battle looms. But no one gives up power easily, and even an assemblage of three primarchs may find trouble waiting…

Written by L J Goulding