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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 21

Hammer and Bolter

Hammer and Bolter: Issue 21


Hammer & Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all new short stories, serialised novels, previews and more.


  • Horus Heresy: Fear to Tread - Read a lengthy extract from the opening act of James Swallow's new Horus Heresy novel, and discover the origins of the curse borne by Sanguinius and the Blood Angels since their earliest days.
  • The Shadow of the Beast - The Scythes of the Emperor face annihilation in this brand new Warhammer 40,000 story from Laurie Goulding. Can Reclusiarch Hornindal escape the vanguard of a tyranid hive fleet and save the Chapter's home world of Sotha?
  • Gilead's Curse - Chapter Seven - Nik Vincent and Dan Abnett bring us the latest installment of the fantasy epic. The long-awaited confrontation with Gilead's vampiric nemesis erupts into open war, within the borders of the Empire.
  • Dead Man's Party - A wealthy benefactor has pledged his entire fortune to the Knightly Order of Manann, in this tale from Josh Reynolds. With assassins lurking at every corner, can Dubnitz and Van Taal keep the old duffer alive long enough to collect?
  • Born of Blood - Valkia the Bloody - The legend of the Gorequeen begins. In this exclusive extract from the novel by Sarah Cawkwell, witness Valkia take to the field of battle for the first time.

This issue contains extracts from James Swallow's 'Fear to Tread', as well as brand new short stories by Josh Reynolds and Laurie Goulding.