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Hammer and Bolter : Issue 18

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Hammer and Bolter : Issue 18


Hammer & Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all-new short stories, serialised novels, interviews, previews and more.

In this issue:

  • The Oberwald Ripper - There is a killer in Oberwald, and Felix Jaeger is the prime suspect. Can Gotrek Gurnisson get to the bottom of the mystery and save his companion from the hangman’s rope? The Black Library debut of Laurie Goulding.
  • The Lion: Part II - Lion’El Jonson and his Dark Angels battle daemons of Chaos aboard their flagship in the second part of a Horus Heresy novella by Gav Thorpe.
  • Gilead's Curse: Chapter V - Captured and tortured by the terrible skaven Rat King, Gilead makes a daring escape attempt in the latest chapter of this serialised novel from Nik Vincent and Dan Abnett.
  • Slayer of the Storm God - Returning to Marienburg to claim an ancient treasure, Gotrek and Felix face pirates, mutants and their greatest foe yet – a mighty avatar of the storm god, Stromfels ­– in this tale from the pen of Nathan Long.

This issue contains the continuation of Gav Thorpe's Horus Heresy novella, The Lion, as well as a new story from Laurie Goulding and the prose reprint of Nathan Long's' Slayer of the Storm God'.