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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 19

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Hammer and Bolter: Issue 19


Hammer & Bolter is Black Library’s monthly fiction magazine. Each issue is packed with all new short stories, serialised novels, previews and more.


  • The Lion (Part 3): Lion El'Jonson risks open war with two other Legions as he seeks to secure a mysterious artefact that could be the key to victory in the Thramas Sector. A Horus Heresy novella by Gav Thorpe.
  • Irixa: Captain Lysander trains Imperial Fists recruits with tales of great battles from the Chapter's history. A Warhammer 40,000 story by Ben Counter.
  • Gilead's Curse (Chapter 6): Villagers celebrate Gilead's defeat of the verminous skaven, little realising that a greater threat lurks in the shadows… by Nik Vincent and Dan Abnett.
  • Thunder From Fenris: On a world plagued by zombies, the Thunderwolf riders of the Space Wolves bring the Emperor's fury to the flesh-eating horrors. A Warhammer 40,000 story by Nick Kyme.

This issue contains part three of Gav Thorpe's 'The Lion', as well as a new story from Ben Counter and the prose reprint of Nick Kyme's 'Thunder From Fenris'.