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Death on the Road to Svardheim

Gotrek & Felix

Death on the Road to Svardheim

A Gotrek Gurnisson story

A chance encounter on the road sends Gotrek and Maleneth into battle against a band of brigands – but something much more fearsome awaits them…

Discover Gotrek's views on faith and the gods in a tale with a vicious twist which is packed with action, intrigue and dark humour.

Gotrek Gurnisson and his aelven companion Maleneth walk the road to Svardheim. It is a long journey through harsh lands, with only endless skulls to mark the path. With their tempers at breaking point, the pair need a distraction – like a murdered delegation of priests with just a single survivor. The heroes set out to avenge the deaths and retrieve a stolen relic – but the brigands who attacked the priests have a dark secret that will throw the Slayer and aelf into a desperate battle for survival.

Written by Darius Hinks

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