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Sabbat Crusade: The Blood Bound

Gaunt's Ghosts

Sabbat Crusade: The Blood Bound

A Sabbat Worlds story

Tasked with retrieving or killing an escaped heretic, Squad Orpheus of the Iron Snakes find a trail of tragedy and ruin the traitor has left – and face the horrors that Chaos wreaks on the souls of men.

It's part all-action Space Marine story showing the superhuman Adeptus Astartes in battle, and part rumination of the ruinous nature of Chaos and the corruption of all it touches.

One of the earliest victories of the Tanith First was the capture of Sholen Skara, a magister of Chaos and servant of the Great Archon in the Sabbat Worlds. Now, more than a decade later, this dangerous heretic has escaped captivity and fled to the world of Valens 160. Sent to retrieve – or kill – him are warriors of the Iron Snakes Space Marines. As Squad Orpheon hunt their prey, they find that Skara's powers to turn men against the light of the Emperor have been at work on Valens 160 – and to defeat their enemy, they may need to sacrifice an entire world…

Written by Rob Sanders

This story is also available in the Sabbat Crusade anthology.

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