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The Iron Star

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The Iron Star

A Gaunt's Ghosts short story

Gaunt and the Tanith First find themselves defending a bridge on a world where dead Ghosts live again and nothing makes sense. What is the iron star and what is it doing to Gaunt?

It provides a fitting – and at times deeply emotional – epilogue to the dramatic events of 'Only in Death' and sets Gaunt up for the next chapter in his life after coming closer to death than ever before.


After the cataclysmic events of Only In Death, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt leads the Tanith First-and-Only – his Ghosts – in the defence of a bridge on an unnamed planet deep in the Sabbat Worlds. But something is wrong: long-dead Ghosts live again, and time isn't running as it should. Worst of all, the spoiled-meat sky with its iron star is affecting Gaunt. He is exhausted, and his eyes hurt…

Written by Dan Abnett