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The Guns of Enth


The Guns of Enth

A Howling Griffons Short Story

The Howling Griffons fought with honour in the Badab War, the Vengeance Crusade, the overthrowing of the Regent of Amar, and a thousand other campaigns vital to the Imperium. When they swear an oath, it shall be fulfilled – no matter the cost.

It’s a thrilling fight behind enemy lines as a determined squad of Howling Griffons fight to fulfil their sacred oaths.

Brother-Sergeant Metis leads a squad of Howling Griffons Space Marines in an insertion mission to disable a battery of lethal heretic-held macrocannons on the world of Enth. After their drop pod is hit and crash-lands behind enemy lines, these scattered warriors must fight through traitor guard, ogryns, and worse to fulfil their oaths.

Written by R S Wilt.

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