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Tally of Slaughter


Tally of Slaughter

An Executioners Short Story

Veterans of the Badab War, the Executioners are a bellicose, almost barbarous Chapter that disdains the ordered obedience of their own forebears, the Imperial Fists, but has claimed the heads of the Imperium's enemies for millennia.

It's the Executioners doing what they do best as they crush any and all heretical opposition to the Imperium.

Death-speaker Razel of the Executioners and his closest comrades hunt down a renegade of the Astral Claws who has thrown in his lot with Vashtorr the Arkifane. Aboard a vast ambulatory manufactorum, the Executioners cut down the heretic defenders with lethal brutality to bring the traitor to justice and complete a centuries-long penance.

Written by Mark-Anthony Fenech.

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