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Death's Toll


Death's Toll

An Iron Lords Short Story

The Iron Lords are a Chapter known for their stern demeanour and unrelenting xenophobia. The Chapter has suffered greatly in upholding its oaths to the Imperium, but its grim determination has never wavered – even when others balk at their methods.

Experience the desperate relief and eventual horror felt by an Imperial force witnessing first-hand just what it means to be 'saved' by the formidable Iron Lords Space Marines.

On Dispassion, a world conquered by the t’au, Master Marahn is part of the last dregs of Imperial leadership who call for aid from the wider Imperium. The call is answered by Space Marines of the Iron Lords Chapter, who are ruthless in their efforts to purge Dispassion of the xenos taint. As Marahn witnesses the terrifying brutality of the Adeptus Astartes first-hand, it begs the question – who are the real monsters?

Written by Jon Flindall.

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