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Farsight: Empire of Lies

Phil Kelly

Farsight: Empire of Lies

Book 2 in the Farsight series

The T'au Empire has long been plagued by the brutal orks – and Commander Farsight will see them destroyed. As his obsessive war against the greenskins escalates, other forces are at work, driving Farsight to an encounter that will change his view of the universe, the T'au Empire… and himself.

Discover the real story behind the defining moment of Commander Farsight's life – and witness his struggles as he is torn between the Greater Good and a hideous truth about the nature of the galaxy.

High Commander Farsight, fresh from his victory against the Imperium over the Damocles Gulf, looks to his borders and finds his old enemies – the savage and warlike orks – threatening to ravage the heart of the T’au Empire. Farsight’s obsessive crusade soon sees him locked in an escalating conflict with the greenskins, yet the hero of the Fire Caste will stop at nothing until their infestation is purged.

Foul forces are at work in the shadows, however – forces that will do whatever they can to see Farsight's military genius fall upon the daemon-haunted world of Arthas Moloch. Can Farsight stand in the face of the terrible truths he discovers there, and will the T’au Empire stand with him?

Written by Phil Kelly. Narrated by Andrew Wincott and Helen McAlpine. Audio running time is 13 hours 3 minutes (approx).

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