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Two Metaphysical Blades

Chris Wraight

Two Metaphysical Blades

Summer of Reading 2018: Day One

Two blades, equal and opposite, crafted by the Emperor Himself. Two warriors, gifted with the blades. Two stories entwining. Two destinies unfolding, as only the Master of Mankind could foresee.

This is truly a Horus Heresy story unlike any other. Chris Wraight crafts an elegiac look at two heroes of the Heresy, through the blades that bond them and forge a destiny that may well extend far beyond the stories that have yet been told…

This is the story of two blades, spears crafted by the hand of the Emperor Himself in the days long before the birth of the Imperium. Linked, equal but opposite, these blades are destined to be wielded by two of the greatest heroes of the Age of Darkness. And as the spears themselves, Appolonian and Dionysian, are equal and opposite, so too are those to whom they were gifted. This is their story too. The warrior-scholar, a savant and a servant. The warrior-king, a savage and a soldier. Their fates entwined in ways they do not understand, they carry the blades as both gift and curse, fulfilment of destiny unseen by any save the Master of Mankind.

Written by Chris Wraight