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The Laurel of Defiance

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The Laurel of Defiance

A Horus Heresy story

Lucretius Corvo is to be honoured for his heroism with the Laurel of Defiance – but dare he defy his primarch and voice his doubts about the new Imperium Secundus?

It's a quiet moment in the Horus Heresy (interspersed with flashbacks of battle) that shows the effect the great events have on the warriors of the Legions.

The horrors of the Shadow Crusade are over – the Word Bearers and their World Eaters allies have been driven back, and peace restored to Ultramar. But a new danger has arisen – a political one, as Primarch Guilliman and his brothers have declared themselves rulers of a new Imperium. Lucretius Corvo, Ultramarines captain and survivor of many battles, is unsure. But he is to be honoured by the primarchs with the Laurel of Defiance for his heroism, and it would be foolish to voice his doubts in such a time…

Written by Guy Haley

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