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Void Crossed

J C Stearns

Void Crossed

A Warhammer 40,000 story

War has come to Dunwiddian. Drukhari battle their Craftworld kin for control of a vital webway gate – but for Archon Melandyr, the war is a personal one, with a very different goal…

Get inside the head of a drukhari archon and see what motivates the twisted leader of a Kabal in this sharp and darkly entertaining tale.

The world of Dunwiddian has seen many wars. For untold centuries, the ancient webway gate there was guarded by aeldari outcasts, until the coming of the Imperium. For centuries, the humans fought against raids by savage orks, until eventually the greenskins prevailed, and left. Now, the world is a battleground once again as aeldari of the Craftworlds battle their drukhari kin for control of the strategically vital portal. For Archon Melandyr of the Emerald Talon, this is more than a war of conquest – it is a battle for revenge. Somewhere on Dunwiddian is a single aeldari he has sworn to kill – and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Written by J C Stearns

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