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Gotrek & Felix Book 12

The forces of the dead close in, commanded by the infamous Lichemaster, forcing Gotrek and Felix to take refuge in an ancient castle. But as the undead lay siege to the fortress, doom seems close at hand…

It's a good old-fashioned siege story starring Gotrek and Felix, with waves of zombies battering against the defences of an ancient castle while mysterious events and deadly rivalries threaten destruction from within…

Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire, or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between, and depends entirely upon whom you ask…

Pursued by the dark forces of the necromancer Heinrich Kemmler, Gotrek and Felix arrive at Castle Reikgard, where they must hold out against the zombie hordes.The brutality of the siege is unremitting as wave after wave of horrific creatures, led by the undead champion Krell, attempt to take the walls. With supplies running low and morale sinking, the defenders begin to hear terrible whispers and endure awful nightmares. Suspicion and paranoia run rampant within the castle walls, and the defence seems impossible.

Can Gotrek and Felix hold out against Kemmler's ever-growing legion until help arrives, or will the Slayer find his doom amidst the unrelenting undead?

Written by Nathan Long. Narrated by Jonathan Keeble. Running time 11 hours and 18 minutes (approx).

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