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Scythes of the Emperor

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Scythes of the Emperor

A Space Marine Battles anthology

Battered, broken and devastated – but not dead yet! The Scythes of the Emperor have lost their world and many of their number, but still they wage war against the tyranids in a host of linked stories.

It collects together all of L J Goulding's Scythes of the Emperor stories, including the novel 'Slaughter at Giant's Coffin'.

Following the loss of their home world Sotha to the tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken, the Scythes of the Emperor begin a new kind of war against the alien menace. Facing further humiliation and defeat after regrouping at the Giant’s Coffin on Miral Prime, recently appointed Chapter Master Thracian must find a way exploit his warriors’ need for vengeance if their Space Marine Chapter is to have any hope of survival... This collection spans the greatest period of upheaval in the Scythes of the Emperor's history, and includes the novel Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin along with five additional short stories.

Written by L J Goulding

The Aegidan Oath
Slaughter at Giant's Coffin
Terminal Velocity

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