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Storm of Damocles


Storm of Damocles

A Space Marine Battles novel

With the Tau Empire at war with the Imperium in the Damocles Gulf, a Deathwatch kill-team seize their opportunity to deal with a new threat posed by the tau: the mighty Stormsurge ballistic suit.

It's the Deathwatch doing what they do best – hunting those pesky aliens, in this case the tau. And with added struggles between Chapter and Deathwatch service, this is a must-read tale from the fires of the Damocles Gulf.

As the war in the Damocles Gulf continues to rage between the Imperium and the Tau Empire, the alien-hunting Deathwatch discover the existence of an enemy weapon that could tip the balance of the conflict against them. The deadly Stormsurge is the apex of alien tau technology, capable of destroying even the mighty Titans of the Imperium. Though the Deathwatch have located the threat, they alone cannot vanquish it and one of their number must call upon his erstwhile brothers in the White Scars Chapter for aid, an alliance that will stretch the bonds of brotherhood to their very limit.

Written by Justin D Hill

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