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Slaughter at Giant's Coffin

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Slaughter at Giant's Coffin

A Space Marine Battles novel

Devastated by the tyranids, remnants of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter gather at a Chapter outpost to regroup. But the relentless menace of the hive fleets is close, and the battered Space Marines must rally for what might be their final stand…

It's something quite unusual – a story about battered and bloodied Space Marines on the back foot. Their world lost, their command structure demolished, can they hold themselves together in the face of utterly destructive aliens?

Mere days after the loss of their home world Sotha, the Scythes of the Emperor stagger to the Chapter outpost at Miral Prime to lick their wounds and formulate a campaign of vengeance against the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken. Devastated and leaderless, these Space Marines now look to their only surviving officer, the reluctant Captain Thracian, for guidance. But the psychic shadow of the xenos is growing in the warp once more, and the bastion atop the Giant’s Coffin mesa may yet become the site of a most ignoble last stand...

Written by L J Goulding

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