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A Warhammer 40,000 story

Toa, a Shellmaker who serves the Empra happily, has a chance encounter with an Angel, and her entire worldview changes. Is her entire existence a lie?

Take a look at the 41st Millennium through a very different lens – from the primitive people who are used as labour by the Imperium.

Everyone in the Imperium does their part to further the great war machine that keeps mankind safe – whether they know it or not. On a feral world, Toa works hard to make shells for the Empra in the sky – across her world, rivet makers and others do their jobs as well. When Toa encounters an Angel in the wilds of her world, her entire existence is turned upside down – with drastic consequences.

Written by Nate Crowley.

This story is also available in Inferno! Volume 3.