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Iron Resolve: Book 1


Iron Resolve: Book 1

A Mordian Iron Guard novella

Deep in the alien forests of Kallash, a medicae camp offers a reprieve to the wounded, a breath away from the horrors of war. But for Guardsman Lucius Myer, the camp is anything but a rest as their greenskin enemies lay siege to the walking wounded.

Experience a classic base under siege tale – except the base is a maedial camp and the defenders are walking wounded, battling monstrous Orks…

Feral orks sweep through the alien forests of Kallash, their numbers growing, despite Mordian lives laid out to stop them. Guardsman Lucius Myer is one of the walking wounded, the medicae bay affording him a temporary reprieve from the front lines – or so he thinks – until the vast greenskin horde and their brutal machinery cut a bloody swathe through the defenders.

With the fury of the orks beating at their hastily built fortifications, will the men and women of the Iron Guard stand, and will Myer find the strength to stand with them?

Written by Steve Lyons

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