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Blood Sacrifice

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Blood Sacrifice

Warhammer Horror Week: Day Seven

An unsanctioned mission into a seemingly abandoned medicae facility seems simple… but for Corporal Cully, it could lead to a night of terror and horror that will scar him forever.

After the spine-chilling terrors of his previous story, 'Baphomet by Night', Peter McLean sends Corporal Cully through more horrors, which have to be read to be believed…

Corporal Cully of the Reslian 45th is bored. Three months on the hive world of Voltoth, waiting for an enemy to fight, have shredded his nerves. Little does he know that what is to come will make him crave those times… After two decades of battle and facing horrors that would leave many minds broken, Cully thinks he's seen it all – but an unsanctioned mission into a seemingly abandoned medicae facility will test him to his very limits… and beyond.

Written by Peter McLean

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