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Warhammer Horror Week: Day Three

Hope often comes to those who need it most… but when Medicae Bucher discovers his new hope in a most unusual way, it bodes ill for him and all around him.

The lures of the Dark Gods are many and varied, and this exploration of one way they worm into the souls of men is disturbingly delightful.

In the aftermath of battle, Bucher, a medicae of the Astra Militarum, tends to the victims of war. Grievous wounds, vile contagions and more come his way, and he is ground down by his inability to save young Guardsmen from the horrors of battle. So when a miracle occurs, surely a gift from the Emperor Himself, Bucher grabs it… but what if the incredible events that occur are the work of other powers entirely, leading Bucher into a darkness from which he can never escape?

Written by Nick Kyme

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