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The Method of Madness

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The Method of Madness

A Warcry short story

A Cypher Lords warband infiltrates the mighty city of Carngrad, where their mysterious goals set them against other inhabitants of the war-wracked Eightpoints.

Get into the head of a Cypher Lords Thrallmaster – or at least try to, as the maddeningly twisted schemes you'll discover might just drive you around the bend.


Of the many warbands who lurk amidst the madness of the Bloodwind Spoil, the Cypher Lords are ever the most mysterious, their motives and methods of war shrouded in secrecy. When Thrallmaster Vignus Daneggia enters Carngrad, a city of Chaos wracked by constant warfare, his goals are unclear – perhaps even to those who serve him. With enemies all around, Vignus must move swiftly and decisively, even if his actions seem strange… for there is method to his madness.

Written by Peter McLean

This story is also available in Warcry: The Anthology.

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