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Galene Of Ulgu

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Galene Of Ulgu

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

When her fellow Daughters of Khaine are slaughtered by the undead, Galene of Ulgu allies with a human warrior to avenge them.

Get inside the head of a witch aelf as she faces the loss of everything she's known and seeks revenge in the name of her dark master.


Born and raised amidst the chill shadows of Ulgu, Galene belongs to the Draichi Ganeth coven of the Daughters of Khaine. She truly came alive when her duty to the God of Murder took her from the lands of her childhood into the Realm of Life. Here in Ghyran, with her entire coven killed by marauding servants of Nagash, Galene allies with a human to avenge herself upon the necromancer who murdered her fellows – and discovers the true glory of serving Khaine.

Written by Timandra Whitecastle

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