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The Iron Promise

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The Iron Promise

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Vos Stalis and his Iron Golems traverse the dangers of the Bloodwind Spoil in search of the reason why their duardin allies have stopped delivery arms and armour. But danger awaits.

Gain an insight into the Iron Golems, one of the many warbands of Chaos who battle for supremacy and to prove their worth to Archaon.

In the space between the Mortal Realms sits the Eightpoints, a great confluence of realmgates linking all the lands that should belong to Chaos. Around it is the Bloodwind Spoil, and here, the tribes dedicated to the Dark Gods fight to prove themselves to the Everchosen. For Vos Stalis and his Iron Golems, their goal is to reach the forge-fortress of the tainted duardin Khoragh Ar-Nardras Has’ut and discover why their shipments of arms and armour have stopped. But nothing is as it seems in the spoil, and danger awaits…

Written by Josh Reynolds

This story is also available in the Warcry anthology.

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