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Lord of the Cosmic Gate

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Lord of the Cosmic Gate

Rikjard of the Many Numbers thinks he has unlocked the key to the Realm of Tzeentch itself...there's just the small matter of a Slann Starmaster and an army of seraphon standing in his way.

It's sorcerer against slann in a magical battle that could have dire consequences for the Mortal Realms. A glimpse into a different kind of devotion to Chaos, and the efforts it takes to stop the Dark Gods from destroying everything.

Rikjard of the Many Numbers has done all the calculations and figured out all the variables – soon the path to Tzeentch's realm will be revealed. His vast army of mutated terrors, barbarous warlords and daemonic servants is amassed, and stands ready to march for the Crystal Labyrinth. Rikjard is determined that nothing will stand in their way, not even the great host of seraphon that is about to descend upon them...

Written by Gav Thorpe

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