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Without Fear

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Without Fear

A Call of Chaos short story

The Ultramarines prepare themselves for battle, knowing that their Chaos-tainted enemies will fall before them, for they are sons of Guilliman and are without fear.

It's a unique look at what goes through the head of an Ultramarine as he prepares to bring the Emperor's fury to his foes, delivered by a master in the art of creating relatable Space Marine characters.

Aeneas prepares for battle. He performs the sacred rituals that stir the machine-spirits of his weapons and armour, and joins his battle-brothers in reciting the ancient oaths of their unit. On the planet below, hordes of Chaos-tainted cultists await their arrival, driven beyond reason by their desire to kill. But Aeneas knows that the Ultramarines will be victorious, no matter the odds – because they are without fear.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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