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A Sabbat Crusade story

After the horrors of Salvation's Reach, Gol Kolea turns to his family for comfort. But family is complicated, and for Kolea, more so than most can imagine…

It's a quiet little story that focuses on some well-loved Ghosts and the relationships between them… but watch carefully, because it sets up some major events to come for the Tanith First.

It has been less than a week since Gaunt's Ghosts escaped the horrors of Salvation's Reach. Many lives were lost, including some of the best-loved heroes of the regiment, and in such times, troopers cling to what they have: family. For Gol Kolea, that's complicated. His two children, long thought dead, were miraculously returned, saved by Tona Criid from the war in their home of Vervunhive. They barely remember him… but does that mean they'll never be family again?

Written by Dan Abnett

This story originally appeared in the anthology Sabbat Crusade.