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The Oath in Darkness

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The Oath in Darkness

A Blackstone Fortress story

Dahyak Grekh leads a party from Navigator House Rekkendus into the Blackstone Fortress in search of a great prize – but treachery lurks in the darkness, waiting to be revealed.

Delve once more into the Blackstone Fortress, and see how servants of the Imperium view the kroot Dayhak Grekh… and how he views them.

Guided by holy visions, the scions of Navigator House Rekkendus have come to Precipice. Their goal: to enter the Blackstone Fortress and retrieve an ancient artefact of the Navis Nobilite. Their dearest hope: that this will finally push their family into ascendancy over House Locarno. Everything rides upon their expedition… and their guide. Dahyak Grekh, kroot tracker, will help them to find their prize – if they are strong enough to survive the horrors of the alien labyrinth. And if their motives are really what they claim them to be…

Written by David Annandale

This story is also available in the anthology Vaults of Obsidian.

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