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Scent of a Traitor

Quick Reads

Scent of a Traitor

Part seven in the Space Wolves Quick Reads series

The Space Wolves' quest to find Logan Grimnar brings them to a dreadful truth that threatens to doom the Chapter forever.

The epic saga draws close to its conclusion as the true architects of the Space Wolves' woes are uncovered, and Ulrik the Slater heads for a showdown that he may not survive.

Having tracked down the renegade Space Marine being hunted by the Dark Angels, Ulrik the Slayer is faced with a sickening dilemma: he must either fulfill his oath and hand the traitor over to the First Legion, or risk the Chaos Space Marine's manipulations in the hope of learning the whereabouts of the missing Logan Grimnar. Ulrik's choice leads him to yet another disturbing revelation – the Thousand Sons are on the brink of completing a terrible ritual, and only the Space Wolves can stop them.

Written by C L Werner

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