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The Caged Wolf

Quick Reads

The Caged Wolf

Part two of the Space Wolves Quick Reads series

The Space Wolves fight the alien tau as they search for their Chapter Master – and Wolf Priest Ulrik the Slayer battles the savage beast within.

Get into Ulrik the Slayer's head as the grizzled Wolf Priest tracks his missing Wolf Lord to a tau-held planet. See a whole new view on the Space Wolves as Ulrik's inner beast, his caged wolf, threatens to overwhelm him and doom the Chapter to extinction.

The thirtieth Great Hunt is over, and all the Great Companies except one have returned to the Fang, Logan Grimnar and the Champions of Fenris are unaccounted for. As the Fang readies itself for attack by the forces of Chaos, Ulrik the Slayer takes a taskforce to the Eastern Fringe, Logan Grimnar's last known location. Here, on a dead world in orbit around a dying star, the Space Wolves find themselves pitted against an unexpected enemy, the Tau.

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