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Loyal to the End

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Loyal to the End

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Lost and alone on an enemy-tainted forge world, Bondswoman Constance, pilot of a Knight Armiger, must find a way to salvation – or damnation will have her soul.

Get into the head of a less-than-noble Knight pilot, taken from peasant stock to battle in a Knight Armiger. Without the purity of mind and soul of the nobles she serves, how can she hope to stand against the darkness?

Agripinaa is besieged. The once mighty forge world, a key lynchpin in the defence of Cadia, is now beset by traitors. Among its defenders is Bondswoman Constance, pilot of the Knight Armiger Swift Justice. When Chaos-tainted scrapcode turns her fellow Armigers and even her noble master against her, Constance escapes and seeks salvation amidst the dark horrors loose upon Agripinaa. What awaits her is beyond her imagination and will test her to her very limits… and beyond.

Written by Thomas Parrott

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