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Apex Predator

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Apex Predator

A Warhammer 40,000 story

Imperial Knight pilot Sethana faces her greatest fear – Traitor Knights from an age long lost. As she hunts – or is hunted – across a ravaged world, new tactics are required to seize victory.

Find out what scares the pilot of an Imperial Knight. When you bestride the battlefield like an iron colossus, it takes something special – and very, very dark indeed.

On Turris, an army of the Imperium wages interminable war against the forces of Chaos. Hunger gnaws at the brave defenders as they fortify themselves in the world's battle-scarred cities, and none have been left unscathed by the horrors they have seen. For Imperial Knight pilot Sethana, the greatest terror is those of her own kind who have fallen under the sway of the Dark Gods. Chaos Knights stalk the darkness, and only by facing them head-on can Sethana master her fear. But when facing those who have piloted their Knights since the Imperium was young, new tactics will be required…

Written by Gavin G Smith

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