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An Astra Militarum short story

The last Imperial survivors on a Tau-held world, a garrison of Catachan Jungle Fighters embark upon a suicide mission into the heart of the Tau enclave to take down their leader.

A classic tale of Catachan Jungle Fighters doing what they do best: going toe-to-toe with their enemies in a dangerous environment. The odds are against them, death is certain... sounds like their kind of battle.

The Tau empire has begun its annexation of Cytheria, an Imperial world garrisoned by Catachan jungle fighters. Within a few days, the aliens have eliminated most of the Imperial opposition, forcing the remaining Catachans to assume the role of guerrilla fighters, a role in which they excel. Only one option remains to the Catachans, a suicide mission into the heart of the Tau base camp to take down the Ethereal in charge of the invading force.

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